Waka Waka Studios is an award-winning creative agency which specializes in producing dynamic video content designed to amplify our client's messages and drastically expand their reach.

Our work has net audiences in the tens of millions, garnered coverage in everything from Buzzfeed to the Washington Post, and helped the bootstrapped become the financed.  


Scott Morris -

Creative Director


Jacob Christensen - 

Director of Photography


Scott is a master storyteller. Prior to joining Waka Waka, he'd written and directed feature-length documentaries. For him, stories are a puzzle, and figuring out the best way to present and tell each client's story is his favorite game.

He also likes quality headphones, pens you can click, and speaking Chinese with what he's been told sounds like a Spanish accent.


Jacob is an award-winning shooter and a certified audio engineer. Utilizing his arsenal of video knowledge, he pushes each and every project to new heights of quality and creativity.

In his free time, Jacob is an avid outdoorsman who loves to geocache. Want to get him talking? Ask him about his favorite geocaching experiences.

Founded Waka Waka in 2012